Disclaimer: CityCentre Properties Group/CityCentre Leasing not affiliated with Midway Management, L.P. or any of its subsidiaries, it has no ownership interest, nor are there any affiliated arrangements. It is a Hispanic minority owned business enterprise with is principle owner operating as a licensed real estate salesperson authorized by the Texas Real Estate Commission with its broker as EXP Realty, LLC. 

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Thank you for your interest in one of the real estate market's most popular branded platforms to date, REALESTATEBUSINESSMAN.COM, an exclusive  marketing brand for Richard David, licensed sales agent for EXP Realty.  Mr. David brings you a wealth of experience and wisdom to clients who engage his professional business and realty services platforms.  You are invited to schedule a one on one private meeting to discuss your realty needs.  For international inquiries, send mail to: info@ipgroup.us


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