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Welcome to LUXMAX iNTERNATIONAL, part of the LUXMAX COMPANIES, a division of CityCentre Properties, LLC at CityCentre in Houston, Texas.  We are a Texas based international business services corporation established in 1980.  Our forty three years plus experience spanning a wide array of industries in the local and global markets.  We offer business advisory and logistic services to international governments and the private sectors.  We have the knowledge wherewithal to rapidly mobilize an international workforce suitable to our client's specifications for infrastructure development and reconstruction. 

We are also real estate agents operating under International Properties Group with our broker, EXP Realty, offering second to none world class support.  We can assist serious parties with their investment purchases in Texas and other markets as well.  Multifamily, commercial properties, warehouses, and office buildings are available for long term investments. We also offer leasing and property management services in local and international markets. You will receive highly personalized services ensuring your needs are met with the highest priority.  Reach out to us today via 

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LUXMAX iNTERNATIONAL | Your one stop shop

The company can export oil country goods, large machinery, refinery products and equipment anywhere in the world.  We have the knowledge and expertise in negotiating with suppliers and end users alike, supply chain logistics, and financing large dollar transactions.  For small businesses looking to expand their operations, we offer businesses advisory services that would enable them to compete in foreign markets and grow into viable business enterprises. Oil and gas export inquiries are welcomed. 

We welcome you to support our latest business venture, Military.Business, a unique international service providing military equipment sales, logistics management, heavy equipment procurement, aircraft, and related services to foreign countries and private entities.  FFL and related licenses from the U.S. Government are pending to better facilitate the sale of government regulated products to our customers. 


The company owns the following business marks for marketing purposes;, Wardogs.Business,,, InternationalArms.Business,, and Cartel.Business targeting domestic and international audiences.  Reach out to us for more details about this newest service from LUXMAX International.  We welcome your requisitions and interest with our international military business services. 

I am a bilingual American businessman, 100% Texan, a native Houstonian with established contacts seeking trade opportunities in the international market place.  I focus on developing quality business relationships that will endure a lifetime of successful business transactions creating a level of trust, honesty, and long term friendships with mutual interests. 

I look forward to developing relationships with manufacturers, distributors, and end users alike.  Learn more about my lifetime achievements here. Click on the "Appointment" button below and schedule a live Zoom video appointment with me.  I can also be reached on Telegram and WhatsApp.  Let's discuss your business objectives. 




"We've been developing  and sustaining business relationships with our clients for over forty three years in the domestic and international markets. We cherish our clients and their friendships for life.  We welcome your business!

Telegram: @internationalbusinessman | Twitter/X@luxmaxusa



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Welcome to LUXMAX iNTERNATIONAL, part of the LUXMAX COMPANIES, a division of CITYCENTRE PROPERTIES, LLC.   I am Mr. David's Personal Assistant. I am here to facilitate your communications regarding business matters with Mr. David including Zoom appointments.  You will be satisfied with our forty three years of local and international business services since 1980. Should you have any questions with respect to the Company's services,  you can reach out to me by email at  We look forward to developing a lifelong relationship with you.  Schedule your Zoom appointment with us by clicking the link.

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