An American businessman of Hispanic Jewish heritage born and raised in Houston, Texas.  Mr. David is the youngest of five children.  His parents immigrated to the United States in 1950.  They came from well to do families settling first in Chicago, then to Houston.  Mr. David's parents were well known business entrepreneurs in the Hispanic community of Navigation and Jensen Drive area.  They were active parishioners of Our Lady of Guadalupe Church.  Their Texaco gas station business was featured in the Houston Chronicle in the late 70's where they were an iconic fixture for over twenty years. They invested in real estate mainly multifamily apartments and single family homes and several successful retail businesses in the Houston area. 

Mr. David attended private Catholic schools at Blessed Sacrament and Our Lady of Guadalupe where he was taught by the Catholic nuns followed by the Basilian fatherhood at St. Thomas High School.  Mr. David studied at the University of Houston whereby his favorite subjects were international business, world history, and psychology.  He attended real estate classes at Houston Community College and the Champions School of Real Estate.  He enjoys hiking, beach living, and traveling. Mr. David's background is in finance, export, import, commercial real estate, and business development places him in a unique position to engage medium to large scale domestic and international real estate projects on behalf of American and foreign clients in the U.S. and international markets. 

Mr. David started his business in 1980 after a one year internship with a local exporter involved in international affairs.  He quickly learned the complexities of conducting international business and applied his newfound knowledge in developing key contacts abroad and became very successful with his endeavors.  Mr. David is a professional mediator certified by the American Arbitration Association practicing family mediation on a pro bono basis serving the local community.  He successfully mediated over four hundred cases for the county courts.  He was a Big Brother to an orphan in the late 70's during his senior year at St. Thomas High School.  He also participated delivering meals to senior citizens in need of food assistance. 

Mr. David engaged a successful career in the residential mortgage business originating prime and subprime home loans from 1990 to 2003 facilitating new home buyers the American dream of home ownership.  Mr. David expanded his services into the commercial mortgage business originating commercial loans for builders and entrepreneurs nationwide.  He was the first to create a commercial down payment assistance  program providing equity monetization for investors purchasing investment properties.  Mr. David's career achievement also includes the importation and distribution of high quality facsimile paper imported from Australia developing a national network of distributors serving small businesses in the U.S. and Canada.

Mr. David's latest venture now includes real estate, investor, and management services representing both American and foreign clientele in the U.S. and abroad.  He plans on recruiting a team of licensed real estate agents to join him and EXP Realty, LLC in sharing his vision of offering impeccable second to none first class realty services through LUXMAX Realty Group and EXP Realty, LLC representing buyers and property owners.