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Welcome to LUXMAX iNTERNATIONAL, part of the LUXMAX Companies, a division of CityCentre Properties, LLC, located at CityCentre in Houston, Texas.  I am a native bilingual Texan born in Houston with over forty three years of business experience in the domestic and international markets, including export and import services, business consulting, and advisory services.  I welcome serious business inquiries from interested foreign parties looking to conduct international business with my company.  


My past experience in the oil and gas industry allows me to entertain serious oil and gas related inquiries. My dealings in the export and import business has given me vast knowledge on supply chain logistics, negotiating with local and foreign suppliers and end users alike, ensures export inquiries are processed accurately. My company welcomes your oil and gas and related industrial equipment requisitions.  Inquiries on international mobilization workforce projects are welcomed too!

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I am also a licensed real estate agent with EXP Realty, LLC operating under International Properties Group and registered with the Texas Real Estate Commission. I am able to assist foreign buyers of luxury estates, commercial properties, multifamily, shopping centers and office buildings backed by my broker's world class agent support ensures my client's needs are in good hands. We welcome your realty inquiries. 

Stay tuned with my latest venture, MILITARY.BUSINESS, whereby applications for FFL and related licenses from the U.S. Government are pending and upon approval, will continue to expand my relationships with suppliers worldwide and key contacts, with plans to sell a wide array of military goods to foreign countries and  business entities authorized by the U.S. Government.  I am also open to international inquiries for the procurement of aircraft, portable buildings, and special construction projects. 


I look forward to doing business with you.  Click on the Zoom Appointment button to schedule a live Zoom video meeting with me.  I can also be reached on Telegram and WhatsAppVisit me at LUXMAX.iNTERNATIONALLearn more about my lifetime achievements by clicking here. 


Telegram @internationalbusinessman
Twitter @luxmaxusa