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Updated: Jul 5, 2018

Foreign direct investment powers the economies of countries around the world, from highly industrialized nations to emerging market countries. The United States leads the world in FDI with over $391 billion inflow, making it the largest host for foreign direct investment.

FDI is the life line for many developing economies who depend on foreign investors to invest in their countries in the technology, manufacturing, financial, and power plant sectors. Most foreign direct investments that you read about are large scale projects that garnish front page news with politicians and business people shaking hands smiling for the cameras, but what about the smaller FDI projects? Do they get the same amount of notoriety?

American Foreign Direct Investment Cooperative was created to serve both large scale and small to medium sized FDI projects. AFDIC as it is known recognizes the issues surrounding foreign direct investments especially in developing economies, where FDI is tied to the capital financial system of that country. AFDIC will serve the market place for both foreign investors and host countries in need of FDI officially representing them as advisors, administrators, and investors of said projects.

For more information about American Foreign Direct Investment Cooperative (AFDIC) services, feel free to reach out to us at info@afdic.com.

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