Investing in Foreign Markets

Updated: May 25, 2018

Welcome my friends to Bancofino of New York and Rineta's International investment program. The idea of investing in foreign countries is an exciting one. However, first you must decide what kind of investing you will be doing. Should you invest in a foreign company, or in an American company planning on doing business in a foreign country. You need to get an investment game plan in order before embarking on your desires to invest in foreign markets.

I have always said in many of my articles to develop the relationship with the potential partner before engaging in any kind of possible investing. Determine if you are comfortable interacting with the people, and if there are any possible synergies that can be developed. We all know that choosing the right partners in the beginning stages is crucial to the success of your investment plan. I personally prefer to invest if possible in American companies doing business abroad simply because you have recourse with the U.S. courts in the event things do not go according to plan. You can't necessarily do this with a foreign company for their investor laws are probably not as favorable as U.S. law.

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