FDI Services for Emerging Market Countries (EMC's)

Updated: Oct 1, 2019

American Foreign Direct Investment Cooperative (AFDIC) is pleased to offer customized FDI services for its Emerging Market Country (EMC) clients. Foreign direct investment is big business especially in third world developing countries where FDI is the lifeline for those markets. It is a contributing factor to the well being of a country's gross domestic product.

EMC's should be cognizant of the fact that being "foreign investor" friendly is key to attracting investors to their market places, especially the American investor, a prized catch for any EMC marketing their foreign direct investment programs. Typically smaller EMC's are more dependent on FDI capital inflows than more established industrialized nations for their gross domestic product.

Global real estate plays an important role in FDI with the U.S. leading the way followed by Western Europe and the U.K. FDI capital inflows includes fixed assets such as office and apartment buildings, schools, industrial buildings, and hospitals. Foreign markets offer excellent investment opportunities to those with an entrepreneurial eye for a "getting there first" vision of market penetration and monopolization of targeted areas of interest.

If you wish to learn more about our FDI services, reach out to us at info@afdic.com. You can also schedule an appointment regardless of your location at https://bancofino.us/fdiadvisorappt. ~

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