Collaboration, Communication, and Transparency Spell FDI Success!

Updated: Oct 1, 2019

The sharing of ideas with your vendors, partners, and customers are vital components to the sustainability of your project. People need to understand your vision of success, and how you plan on carrying it out. The participants involved in your international projects are best served when there is transparency and open communications between all parties. Your vendors can offer you good advice on best practices from their viewpoint to your customers who are the recipients of your products or services. It is always a good thing to keep the local government apprised of your planned project, for they can offer you much advice about the market place, major players in the respective industry you are targeting, market data, and can also initiate formal business introductions facilitating entry into the market.

Supply chain management can be complex when doing business in foreign markets, therefore it is wise to reach out to the parties partaking in your project on a weekly basis with progress reports. I prefer to Skype with everyone to maintain eye to eye discussions maintaining the relationships on a good basis, for all parties involved stand to benefit from your actions. Learn more about our foreign direct investment services by contacting us at

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