AFDIC Visits U.S. Trade Office

Updated: Oct 1, 2019

I recently visited the U.S. government trade office. It is one of many branches of the U.S. government I am collaborating with for our international project developments in southeast Europe and very soon India too! I engage with a multitude of government offices, both domestic and foreign, U.S. embassies, ambassadors, chambers of commerce, the EXIM bank, and other related government branches that promote international trade, finance, FDI, and project development.

The world of international business is a fascinating career to those who can endure the long sales cycle of doing business in foreign markets. This business is not for those who are in it for the short term. The art of conducing international business is a die hard passion. You breathe it every waking moment knowing if you focus methodically on your objectives of becoming a successful international businessman, you will experience a world of travel to far away places where living out of your suit case is the norm. It is a long term proposition with high risks and great rewards.

My company, American Foreign Direct Investment Cooperative, focuses on supporting emerging market economies with foreign direct investment representing both country clients and American investors with the objectives of promoting their interests of successful project development. It is a win/win partnership with mutual benefits. Learn more about our FDI and export services at For more information, reach out to us at

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