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American Foreign Direct Investment Cooperative is a division of Bancofino of New York. The company also known as provides international representation of emerging market countries (EMC's) seeking foreign direct investment (FDI). The company and its founding members encompass over thirty nine years of business experience, both in the domestic and international markets, that include project development, export and import services, investment, and advising services.

The company raises funds for its projects through third party crowd funding platforms insuring new to seasoned investors are able to participate with minimal investment amounts. AFDIC does not invest in non-company sponsored domestic or foreign projects at this time. The company places emphasis on values based, principles driven sustainable foreign direct investment. The markets of interest are currently the Balkans in southeast Europe, India, and the middle east. AFDIC will consider other markets on a case by case basis.

American Foreign Direct Investment Cooperative is actively seeking to represent emerging market countries (EMC's) as their official investment representatives advising American and foreign investors the advantages of investing in company sponsored projects located in represented countries. Interested parties are welcomed to reach out to the company by contacting, or scheduling an introductory appointment regardless of location at ~

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