Advantages of Manufacturing Investment in West Bengal, India

India is a country whose government is very proactive with foreign direct investments. They are highly receptive towards American investors. It is a high density market with over 1.3 BIL people. The state of West Bengal in particular was established in January of 1950, one of 29 states, with a GDP of $150 BIL is the sixth largest economy in India with an estimated population of 91MIL inhabitants.

American Foreign Direct Investment Cooperative, a division of Bancofino of New York has opened a study on the potential of expanding its Hispanic concepts through its subsidiary, Rineta's International for the development of a Mexican tortilla manufacturing facility. The population density can certainly support the operations of this type of production unit depending on a multitude of factors such as available tax concessions, foreign business incentives, and sourcing of raw products to name a few.

This type of economy would be better suited for a company that wants to serve the masses by investing in the construction of additional manufacturing output to serve the local and national population. The focus would be to capture a portion of the market share respective of the targeted industry. There are definitive advantages to investing in large economies and smaller ones depending on the investor's overall business plan and long term objectives.

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