Mr. David has visited a multitude of countries around the world experiencing different cultures, including living in Tirana, Albania located in the Balkans region of southeast Europe. International travel has enlightened Mr. David in becoming proactive with his contributions of decades of knowledge and experience as a seasoned international businessman in promoting foreign markets to American investors. 


Mr. David's primary focus revolves around international trade and development, export, and real estate development in domestic and emerging market countries. Investing in residential and commercial real estate, construction, and management services are currently in high demand from foreign clients.  Mr. David's most recent focus is developing real estate investor programs for first time domestic and foreign investors investing in the Houston market.  

Mr. David is an avid hiker, an outdoorsman who enjoys being in nature exploring mountain trails from around the world.  He is a husband, a parent, and a family man who believes in a healthy marriage, family love and unity.  He enjoys cooking, basketball, backyard activities, nurturing friendships and  maintaining business relationships.  Mr. David is a man of conviction with a strong belief system whereby loyalty to those he cares for and those who care for him form an unbreakable bond for life.

Mr. David enjoys volunteering his time for both private and public special causes. He believes in the philosophy of paying it forward performing good deeds that benefits others in an altruistic manner for no other reason than it is within his power to do so.  He believes that the greatest gift you can give to someone is your time.  It simply cannot be measured or counted.  Acts of kindness inspire the world to follow in your footsteps.  

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