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  • 100% Cloud Based Realty Brokerage
  • Revenue Share Program
  • Stock Option Ownership
  • Lead Generation Software
  • Industry Leading CRM System
  • Work Anywhere in the World
  • Powerful Suite of Tools
  • Live Online Classroom Training
  • Keep 80-100% of Commission
  • No Franchise or Royalty Fees
  • Low startup fees. See here
  • Low $16,000 Company Cap
  • Create Passive Income for Life
  • Customizable Marketing Templates
  • Access to Educational Video Libraries
  • Regus Global Office Membership
  • Low Cost Healthcare Plan
  • EXP Company Timeline: Click Here
  • Branded Domains Available

Welcome to EXP Realty! The world's first 100% cloud based real estate brokerage.  A truly one of a kind disruptive technological virtual platform.  EXP agents can work from anywhere around the world and conduct business from their 24/7 virtual office.  This innovative company is rapidly growing by leaps and bounds with over 40,000 plus agents registered with the company as stockholders consummating their first transaction.  EXP agents enjoy revenue sharing by recruiting and referring agents to the platform creating Long Term Passive Income doing what they love best, selling real estate.  It doesn't get better than this.  

EXP Realty makes it easy for agents to own stock in the company.  You earn shares when you close on your first property.  You earn shares when you refer another agent on their first close, and when you cap in your first year.  You can allocate a portion of your earned commissions towards purchase of company stock.  Savvy agents can easily create a $3,000/month passive income stream simply by recruiting six capping agents and in turn those six agents recruit six others who cap as well.  EXP's current cap is $16,000.  It's up to you to insure your downline performs at their maximum capacity in order to sustain your desired income stream.  

I have been in business since 1980 serving the domestic and international markets in the fields of oil and gas, foreign direct investment, export, finance, real estate, and government advisory.  You can learn more about my business accomplishments by clicking on International Businessman,, and   I became a licensed real estate agent to entertain foreign clients expressing interest in U.S. investments.  I chose EXP Realty for their superior cloud based technology, stock ownership and revenue share programs, smart decisions that will pay off well into the future. 


Now, you too can do the same.  Join us now.  Change your life today.  I personally invite you to visit our unique cloud campus called EXP World.  You will be amazed how advanced this technology is providing for a very comfortable family atmosphere where you are surrounded by caring professionals ready to help you every step of the way.  You are not alone.   

Another exclusive offer for EXP Agents is the ability to acquire some of the most exclusive marketing domain names in the real estate business.  They can be purchased directly or leased on a monthly basis to rapidly kick start your business.  You can learn more by visiting Domain Marketer on Instagram.  Simply choose the domain of your choice and place your offer.  It's that simple! 


Let me extend to you an exclusive EXP Training Passport today.  You are welcomed to visit, ask questions, and meet the people that one day will be your friends for life.  Don't forget to join our Facebook group by clicking HERE.  Let's get you signed up today. Reach out to me, click on "APPOINTMENT" below, schedule your time, and let's have a conversation.  The process is simple and fast!  Now, if you can't hang in there anymore, and you don't want to hear my dog and pony show, then just click HERE and fill out the Agent Application Form.  We are good to go, partners for life. 

Richard David | EXP Realty, LLC
800 Town and Country Blvd., #500 | Houston, Texas 77024
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