Welcome to CityCentre Properties Group located at CityCentre.  First time home buyers looking to purchase a home can rest assured of receiving highly personalized real estate services.  Homeowners looking to list their properties can do so with confidence. Investors looking to purchase investment properties for short or long term hold are welcomed to reach out to us for listing, representation, and realty advisory services.  


We welcome new and seasoned real estate agents to join Richard David and EXP Realty, LLC in providing a second to none real estate experience to a discriminating clientele.  Experience the benefits of revenue share and stock ownership programs as an exclusive EXP Realty agent.  Potential EXP agents, click on the appropriate links to learn more.  If you want to sign up right now without an appointment, then click here.   


We hope you enjoy browsing our website and learn more about what we do in the Houston and international markets.  If you are in the market for an apartment rental, feel welcome to visit us at "CityCentre Leasing" for more information. Follow us on Instagram too! 


Learn more about Mr. David's international business ventures by visiting,, and InternationalProperties.Group.   

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