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Welcome to American Foreign Direct Investment Cooperative located in Houston, Texas at CityCentre.  We are an American company serving the U.S. and international markets with professional business services since 1980. We entertain inquiries from investors interested in foreign direct investment in the U.S.A. and foreign markets.  The areas of specialization will be in oil and gas, new business development, business acquisition, construction, purchasing and managing commercial investment properties consisting of multifamily, office, and warehouse projects in the United States and foreign markets abroad. 


American Foreign Direct Investment Cooperative is capable of sourcing, identifying, and closing on commercial properties that possess the right elements in producing the highest returns on investment.  Our focus will be in developing quality business relationships with property and business owners in markets we deem are best suited for project acquisition and business development.  The company welcomes foreign investors to join us in developing a mutual and beneficial long term working relationship.  

International investors looking to invest in the USCIS EB-5 investment programs will be pleased with our 40 years business experience in the domestic and international arenas.  New business development and business acquisition are the most popular areas of interest from EB-5 investors. The one stop shop platform of business and investment services is designed to facilitate client acquisition of investment properties and related services.  EB-5 interested parties click here to schedule your appointment with a company representative.  


Foreign nationals relocating to Houston, Texas seeking to purchase single family residential properties will be serviced by International Properties Group, Richard David, Licensed Sales Agent, sponsored by EXP Realty, LLC.  

We hope you enjoy browsing our website and learn more about what we do both in the domestic and international markets.  If you need to immediately reach out to us, fill out the contact form below and schedule an appointment.  We look forward to doing business with you.  Click on "ENTER SITE" to gain access to our website.   

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American Foreign Direct Investment Cooperative
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